An Interview with Pickle

In honor of my 33 1/2 birthday today, I would like to post a little interview that my oldest had with my youngest.  Typed by my oldest: (hint, I helped my youngest answer the questions)

A Conversation with Pickle

Q:How does it feel to be a baby?

P:My skin is soft my hair is awesome and I don’t have to brush my teeth…Ever Also I never get in trouble from blowing bubbles with my spit which is awesome.

Q:What’s your favorite thing about being a baby?

Um…My favorite thing about being a baby is I get carried all the time I don’t have to walk up the subway stairs EVER

Q:What are your talents

P:I can role over from my back to my front.ANd also from my front to my back.I am excellent a breast feeding.And bottle feeding too.I experience absolutely no nipple confusion.Obviously i can use BIG words.I…Can suck on both of my fists at once.I am very advanced for my age.

Q:Do you like wearing clothes?

P: I prefer my birthday suit.But..I also enjoy when my mommy makes my something.But not hats.
Q:Do you like your hair?

P:Of course whats not to love?

Q:What are your goals

P:I would like to suck on my toes.Sit up.And gain a few pounds.I would also like to sprout a tooth I would like to start eating brocolie soon.

Q: WHat preschool wpu;d you like to go to?

P:I want to be homeschooled because I love mommy the best.

Last remarks:I’m available to sighn the artical on satureday of you want my autograph no pictures PLEASE.Thank you it’s been a pleasure and a joy.


One response to “An Interview with Pickle

  1. I’m sure that is exactly how she would answer those questions. Nice interview! I assume it was an exclusive.

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