Pickle Sleep Update

Do you see where Monkey is in this picture?  Pickle started this little trick where she would wake up at 2 AM, promptly roll over on her stomach and then cry for hours.  After one night of this I would get up and continually turn her back on her back until finally I just gave up and nursed her back to sleep.

Then I decided to try to pin her in. I put her where Monkey is, face up, then rolled a heavy blanket and put it next to her and then put a pillow in between the blanket and the opposite wall of the crib, and within 10 minutes she had gotten herself into this Pickle (see her face down above the pillow?).  How?

A friend of mine with a bambina one day older than Pickle suggested I borrow one of her Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suits. To be honest, I was skeptical of it’s magical powers.  I tried it.  Pickle could not turn over in it! Hallelujah! The 2 AM awakening (and crying and keeping us up!) ended and she slept until 5 AM!  5 AM I can do !!!  On Saturday night, she slept for a full 12 hours without waking us up!

I quickly ordered my own magic sleep suit (in pink of course), and she now wears it EVERY time she sleeps in her crib.  Because she’s a roller.

And the only other time she fell asleep (besides in a baby carrier) was while her Dad and I karaoked to Gold Digger (minus the curse words) at her first karaoke party.  Apparently Kanye’s beats are good to put babies to sleep.


One response to “Pickle Sleep Update

  1. She’s movin’ & groovin’ dreamin’ up plans to keep you guessin’ & laughin’.

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