My Loves


Having a conference call while on vacay and warning us that you were going to have to yell at the guy you were calling. And you didn’t yell one bit, didn’t even have a tone.

When Pickle cries in the middle of the night, I usually abandon ship and go sleep in the family room, but you endure it because “she’s needs support.”


Saying a long question that usually begins with “you know when….(explains something)”…. And when I say yes, you asks”why?”

One day I Smooched your Dad in front of you– I had both your Dad and you giggling.

You had some follow up questions for us about smooching….can’t remember the specifics now.

You have a new awareness of swear words and you were Pointing out words that contain bad words: hello, Helena.  “I can’t say any of these words anymore!”

I pointed out the swear word contained in our last name. No comment from you.

Asking about downs syndrome…you tried to describe this “type of person” and I eventually figured out what you were talking about. I guess you had observed a group of special needs kids at the pool with Papa and I thought it was funny you thought of it WEEKS later.

You get SO FRUSTRATED about Pickle crying in the carseat. When she fussed at our delicious Mexican food Lunch in Park City you commanded me: NURSE!

You wanted a BUN in your hair and high top converse on your feet for the first day of 2nd grade. You were TOO excited for your first day!


I always hear these words from you: “looks like pickle’s awake”  You say it in the same inflection and excitement every time, and I cringe every time (because she’s awake! my free time is ended)

I sneaked in your room to put some folded laundry in there for you to put away in the morning. I found you awake. It was 10 pm! (you were still on Utah time). You said: “Mom, can I just tell you something…..I am so thankful to have you as a Mom and for everything you do for me.” I replied: “I am thankful to have you as a daughter.”

You were pretty scared about the zip line and I was FREAKING OUT inside but totally holding it in as to not make you MORE freaked out. And we decided to be brave together and we DID IT!

Riding the Alpine Coaster with you was so much fun…you kept saying: “That was awesome!” after every fast roundy turn.

That first-day-of-school outfit was something else!

You were singing your pieces with such great diction…when I pointed it out you said: ” I learned that from you.”

Reading your memoir out loud during the 5th grade publishing party-you used such great expression in your delivery.


Oh you little girl…on our trip your sleep training was still AWESOME at the beginning, but as time went on slowly disintegrated. I secretly liked cuddling with you in bed again.
Doing great in your new crib and liking your bouncy seat and being good with the sitter

You look so cute in your new magic sleep suit.

You constantly roll over….you were such a mover during your 3-month doc appointment.  You are teeny tiny but so strong!


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