Back in the Saddle

This week I had a casting on Monday, which turned out to be a casting for Pickle too.  And then I went back to work on Thursday!  It was the perfect job to return to work.  A half-day wrangling gig in nearby Brooklyn.  3 Shots, 6 babies.  The half-day ended up being 2 hours and the 6 babies ended up being 4–that’s how good the babies were.  I loved the photographer…he was like BAM! We got this. I loved when he tried to sing Happy Birthday in the key of my choosing.  Awesome.

I was also thrilled to be in a place and with a crew that I had already worked with.  It felt like putting on an old pair of jeans.  Which I did on Wednesday! Yes, kids, I wore my pre-pregnancy jeans on Wednesday.  I was surprised myself.  Last week I felt different, a little lighter, so after weeks of getting on the scale in frustration (that needle just WOULD NOT MOVE), I decided to try again.  4 pounds down! Woot!  Must be the vegan eating!

I felt my body had shifted a bit too so I went for the jeans and shazam!  They zipped and only felt a little tight.  The muffin top is a whole other story, but this is progress! I was pretty stoked.

I always tell new moms that you come back to your self and to your world in phases.  You tend to be shrouded in layers of veils after you give birth, and slowly but surely they seem to lift and you can see clearer and clearer.  I mention that at 3 months the first one lifts.  And guess what? I was right!  I thought maybe this wouldn’t happen to me third time around, but it’s happening, and it makes me excited for even more clarity down the road.


2 responses to “Back in the Saddle

  1. congratulations you skinny thing. and thanks for that last bit about your wisdom for new moms.

  2. You paint such a great visual picture. Way to go!!!!! Life is good!!!

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