Knit: Baby Sweater

When Carrie was here I took her to my favorite store on the island of Manhattan: Purlsoho.  It’s like heaven.  Truly.  She saw this little baby sweater on the shelf and challenged me to do it.  She picked out these colors for a project for her son and nudged me to pick them up as well.  I listened.

Can you believe that Pewter yarn is the exact same color as Pickle’s eyes?

When I went to pick out the buttons for the sweater, I was drawn to these neon yellow sew-on jewels and a headband idea was born.  The headband is a tad small and the sweater a tad big, but I could NOT possibly WAIT to shoot her in it.

After looking over the 100 or so other people who knit this on ravelry, I realized that I made a mistake…knitting the button band upside down.  I seriously thought I did a stellar job following this pattern this time, only to realize I messed up! Oh well…you probably didn’t notice until I pointed it out huh?

This is my second attempt at a knitted garment, and I feel really proud of it!  Yippee!



3 responses to “Knit: Baby Sweater

  1. You should be very proud of yourself. I think you have really expanded your talent in knitting. The best way to make a sweater is by knitting a baby sweater. You do all of the techniques used on an adult sweater but you learn the lessons on a smaller scale, finish it and get postitive vibes on completion. Hooray for you!!!!

  2. Helen Knowles

    Love the sweater and the color.

  3. I saw this while at Purlsoho…..gorgeous. Great color choices!!

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