Utah: The Rest

It is so out of character for Jason to not be right about something important, that I just had to document it.  The night before our trip I kept asking when we were walking out the door for the flight and he kept brushing me off… “It leaves at 2…”  I figured we would  wake up and then figure out our plan for the day.

I spent the morning printing out the Pickle Heads and asked again when we were leaving with a wishy wash response.  I figured I still had time for a quick run, so off I went.  When I returned, only 2 miles later, he opened the door and said: “We have a big problem!” My immediate thought was: “What happened to the baby?”

Turns out our flight ARRIVED at 2, didn’t leave at 2.  So, we were taking off in 55 minutes. The airport was like an hour away, so he was on the phone changing our flight to a later one, which still put us at needing to leave the house in the next 15 minutes.  We hadn’t even begun to pack, so chaos ensued. Thankfully, Pickle slept through the entire episode.  It was kind of hilarious.

We made it of course and all was well, but a week later, Jason was still trying to organize our bags….

Here are a few more miscellaneous pix from our trip, we really did have a great time.


One response to “Utah: The Rest

  1. Swimming pool + Uncle Sam = one good time!

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