3 Months

Pickle! You are 3 months old today! The last month has been so great because you are finally napping and sleeping on your own.  You love to cry a little bit (not all the time) and zone into the water sounds on your sound machine before you drift off to sleep.  Sometimes you hold your hair with your fists and sometimes you put your tongue on monkey.  No binkie for you!

You still hate the car!

You LOVE your bathtime.

You got a new crib last week.  You seem to really love it.  You are sleeping so well, for usually a 9 hour stretch at night. I cannot complain about that!

You have started talking a little bit more: “oh” is your first official word. ; )  You are not giggling, but every once in a while you do a little throaty, high-pitched squeal.  Sometimes you wake up doing that or do it in the middle of church or while you are watching tv.

We sure love you…I think you get plenty of kisses a day proving that fact!


2 responses to “3 Months

  1. My heart is swelling out of my chest. Love this little granddaughter of mine.

  2. She is BEAUTIFUL!! Don’t know if I’ve said it yet or not but: congratulations!! So glad she joined your amazing family!

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