Utah Yarn Store: Blazing Needles

My aunt suggested a few yarn stores for me to visit while in Utah. I made it to one, and I totally chose the right one to visit.

Blazing Needles has all my favorites: koigu, malabrigo, madelinetosh….and so I knew that we had similar taste from the start.  As soon as we walked in, a customer grabbed Phoebe to fit something on her  (a cable knit cuff pattern she was working on).  And then the owner was chatting with us about this and that.  I talked to her about yarn bombing my rocking chair and she promptly introduced me to the Yarn Doodler who was just sitting in the back room fiber-arting.

I didn’t know about the Yarn Doodler and so I was thrilled to meet her. She told me about the yarn gift she left in my Bryant Park.  I still haven’t stopped by to see if it is still there.  I hope it is.  You can see on her website that she is always in disguise, so when I asked if we could take a photo together, she insisted on being disguised.  It was such a shame too, because she is super dooper darling (DARLING is such a Utah word right? Had to slip it in this post).


If you live in the Salt Lake City Area, I think you should definitely stop by here and take one of their free learn-to-knit or learn-to-crochet classes.  I know you would have a lot of fun.

Love, the Yarn Doodler and me.


One response to “Utah Yarn Store: Blazing Needles

  1. Fun to read how you met the yarn doodler. This added another adventure to the” yarns” you spin. So happy you liked the shop so much, I knew you would be charmed.

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