Utah: Park City

When we first arrived at Park City, we stopped by the Olympic Musuem.  We stood outside and watched the high jumpers train for a while.  What a brilliant set up with the water landing…though I thought it looked cumbersome, not to mention, wet.

The museum was fun to walk through.  If we had been in a better financial place in 2002 (like, had jobs), we should have gone!

I went to Park City 4 years ago for a Girls Weekend.  I didn’t see any of this cool stuff. Since it was the day after Labor Day, there were no lines at all for the rides.  Phoebe and I treked up to the zipline (Lolly was too small) and promptly got completely freaked out.  Jason went first and we just freaked out while we waited for our turn.

She was freaking out outloud and I was keeping it in, because I was trying to be brave and stoic.  I saw this as a bonding opportunity.  I told her: We can do this! We are brave, but I seriously almost bailed like 7 times.  I am REALLY glad we saw it through and did it together.

After the alpine slide (meh), we did the Coaster.  I was paired up with Phoebz again and we went as fast as we could.  It was way fun.  Good times with my Firstborn.


One response to “Utah: Park City

  1. If SLC gets to host the winter Olympics in the future you can come out then!

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