First Day of School

Here is a picture of my friend Megan and me on the first day of school in 5th grade.  Just behind her is a girl named Beth, and all I remember about her is that she was very nice and she had a pin-sized hole in her cheek…like a permanent hole.  It was cool and weird.  I think that woman standing behind me was a Mom of somebody I knew…who knows.

As you can see I am rocking the hottest fashion of the year (drop-waist jumper) but with a Kristy twist: I went with the color (surprise!) and thought that Chimpanzee button was JUST the right touch.  Do you like my perm?

On the first day of school, it was the first day the school was EVER opened…EVER. I was the first graduating class of Springbrook Elementary School and I said the pledge of allegiance on the first day of school in front of the whole school.  Later that year I would be chosen in an assembly to hold a tarantula in my hand and row by row, show every child in the entire school that spider.  To this day I am not phased by spiders.

I also remember having a giant wart on the middle knuckle of my right hand that I chewed on it an attempt to remove it, and getting it removed right before I saw the movie The Little Mermaid for the first time.  When I got out of the movie, I had puss dripping down my hand from under the band aid.  It certainly was an eventful year.

Not to be outdone in the fashion department, Phoebe started her first day of 5th grade this year too!  Lolly made a great fashion statement for the first day of 2nd grade as well. Love the high tops.  Phoebz got a steal on those Steve Madden boots at Savers for $7-

It’s gonna be a great year!


4 responses to “First Day of School

  1. And don’t forget singing “We’ve Only Just Begun” with Mike Acquaviva in the 5th grade musical!

  2. Such a cute comparison. The outfits your girls created were just great. I’m so glad Savers produced the great boots. My boys had turquoise high tops way back then and I loved it when they wore them.

  3. Ha ha. The chimp button comment was hilarious. I will NEVER forget the day my sister got called up to hold the tarantula.

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