Idaho: Family

After the Races in Pokey (as the locals call it), we headed to my Aunt’s cabin.  Jason actually ran by it earlier in the day, so he knew exactly where we were going: the middle of nowhere.  Seriously, it is so isolated and private we could pull the guns out.

That’s right, guns.

Apparently my family is way into it.  My other Aunt even discovered that her own son was packing heat.  The guns: LOUD.

My Uncle was very clear about the rules of the guns.  Every time he handed one over he repeated them, let’s see if I can remember:

1. Never point the gun at anyone

2. Never put your finger on the trigger until you are ready to shoot.

3. Never depend on the safety.

I’m missing one.

Anyway, we had a great time chatting and planning our next whole family reunion in a few summers from now, and shooting (cameras and guns both).


4 responses to “Idaho: Family

  1. Love Love Love Love Love!

  2. What is a reunion without a few firearms? Love the photos. Wish we had been there.

  3. Douglas Anderson

    Love the pictures! Thank you Kristy for developing this!

  4. It was SO fun to hang! Come on back to Idaho…ya hear??

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