Idaho: Pocatello Marathon & 10K

When we were planning our trip to Utah, our NYC-turned-UT friends told us their Dad was running in the Pocatello Marathon the weekend we would be there.  It was the perfect opportunity for us to run as well! Jason signed up for the marathon, I signed up for the 10K and Phoebe signed up for the 1.5 mile kids run.  I recruited some other family members, and it became a mini Anderson reunion.

The night before the race we got some uniquely Idaho swag, had a pasta dinner and camped out in a tiny hotel room.  The king size bed was super nice as Daughters #2 and #3 ended up in bed with us!
The morning started early with Pickle and me dropping Jason off at the shuttle bus to take him to the marathon starting line.  I joined the marathon route a few hours later to run the 10K with my Sparkle Skirt.

I ran with my Sis-in-Law and Cousin, and her friend.  They all agreed to run with me at my pace. They were so encouraging as I maintained JUST under a 10-minute-mile pace.  I could NOT have done it without them and my sparkle skirt.
According to my Nike + app I ran a 9:46 mile, which was faster than my October 10K last year! Woot! We saw some Sparkle Marathoners on the course and met up for some photos after!  Blue Skirt Girl is Carrie’s Niece! Cool!

OFFICIAL TIME: 1:03:35.14

Jason ran a solitary marathon.  He saw our friends a few times on the route because he was just behind their Dad.  He finished just over 4 hours and complained mostly about the downward grade of the terrain–hurt his thighs.  But he bounced back and only limped for a few days. Marathon #5! Check!
Phoebe ran a 1.5 mile run with some of my cousin’s daughters.  We sparkled them up and sent them on their way.

We are pretty sure that the time these kids ran it in didn’t QUITE match up with the actual distance, as some kids (according to the Pocatello Marathon website) ran an under-5-minute mile.  Hmmm…Nevertheless, she ran it quickly and we were proud of her!  She seemed to have the hardest time of the three of us recovering from her race that day.  Drama!

Special Thanks to my brother Sam who we left in a tiny car at 7 in the morning with my 3 daughters…left to wait for us to finish the 10K.  It was too cold to hang out outside, so he just sat in  a car with my 3 crazy ladies.  He was also the photographer.  When I approached him after finishing he was surprised to see me–“You finished?” he asked.

“yes, WITH YOUR WIFE!–we STAYED TOGETHER”  He still only has eyes for her after almost 2 years.  Good for them.

Check out the shot he got of US crossing the finish line:

She also made it on the Idaho News that night.  She’s a looker that one.

We had such a great morning supporting each other and running and bonding.  Can’t wait ’til next time!


4 responses to “Idaho: Pocatello Marathon & 10K


  2. YAY! AWESOME!!!!!

  3. I’m so glad you talked to us about doing this. Very fun! I’d run with you anytime you are in town. :) My girls also had a blast!

  4. Great job team sparkle!!

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