Utah: BYU

We started the morning off in Provo UT with a little breakfast. Since Lolly and I are the sleep-in types and Phoebz & Jason are the up and at ’em types…Lolly and I went to breakfast a little late.  We sat right across from Mandy Patinkin (I know him from his concerts, Sunday in the Park, Yentl & Myths & Hymns, Lolly knows him from Princess Bride) and got pretty excited.  I was THIS CLOSE to saying something, but decided not to disturb. We wondered what the heck he was doing at our hotel and then saw all the posters throughout the day. A concert! ? And we weren’t going?

That afternoon we went on a tour of the campus via the Wilkinson Center (eats, manicures, spying on a ballroom dance class) & The School of Music.  Phoebe met with a professor of Viola, we talked to the Director of the School of Music and saw all of the facilities.  It was really fun to be in a college environment again!
That night it was time for the football game! After a little Brick Oven pasta and salad bar, we headed over with the Cougars.  I was so happy to know that little Pickle would sleep through the whole thing safe and sound in the closet of our hotel room with my friend who lives in town. There were SO MANY babies her size there, and that looked like no fun at all.  Unfortunately we were still on New York time, so it was hard to make it through to the end (we didn’t make it), but it was a great game and of course they won, because that’s what happens when we attend a BYU Football game!

It was a white-out that night. We didn’t get the memo. In fact, we had just finished buying all this new very blue BYU gear at the bookstore when we heard. Oh well.


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