Utah: Temples

While in Utah, our first stop was to the new City Creek Mall that everyone’s blogging about! It was nice!  I always get a kick out of people suggesting I go shopping somewhere…when I live in the shopping capitol of the world!  It was a beautiful mall though, and right across the street from the Salt Lake City Temple.

We walked around and took a pic and it was nice to spend a little time at Temple Square.

A few days later we found ourselves driving near Brigham City (where my grandparents were born and raised) and so we decided to stop by the brand new Brigham City Temple.  This was the first time my daughters have been inside a temple! During the open house, anyone can tour it.  Sunday dress was encouraged, so we threw on a few skirts that we thought would pass.  Of course Pickle blew out her diaper halfway threw! Awesome!  It was a beautiful temple…and it’s open for a few more weeks, so if you find yourself nearby, go take a look!

After the tour we ate at Idle Isle in Downtown Brigham.  My brother Sam got an open roast beef sandwich in honor of our grandma and her sister. I went with the french dip. Both were quite delicious (and the rolls! YUM!).


2 responses to “Utah: Temples

  1. But, but, City Creek is the best and so up to date. There is an H&M…and Foot Locker!

    Haha really though, that’s hilarious so many people recommended it to you. It’s definitely the trendy place to go right now in Utah.

  2. City Creek Center, a massive building project for the past few years & an enormous improvement over what was there before. We’re just so happy to have such a lovely improvement to our city. Heavens, who could think you’d need to shop there when your home is NYC? I’m happy you visited it.

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