2 Months Old

A little late, but she IS 2 months old!

At your doctor’s appointment the pediatrician took a good look at you and said: She’s perfect.

About 10 days past your 2 month birthday you were 23 inches and 10 pounds, 3 ounces (not one, but BOTH of her sisters were 12 pounds, 6 ounces).  Still a tiny thing, but graduated to size 1 diapers! On your 2 month birthday I started sleep training you with the cry it out method. You were very brave and discovered grabbing your hair was the way you soothe yourself.


4 responses to “2 Months Old

  1. She is a star! I hope you got her listed for work! I wish I could get my daughter to smile like that! Love the temple shot!

  2. She is a dang cute baby! She is really only 2 months old.? It seems like you never missed a beat when you had her and she has been across the country and some in between too so I keep thinking more time has lapsed. .I love all that hair and how nice that it gives her comfort. Carry On!

  3. . . .and super sweet!

  4. K – She is SOOOO cute. Seriously. Are you gonna model with her? And the pony tail shot is my fave. And the temple one, too.

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