Chicago: Wrap Up

Before we left for Naperville Pickle had some facetime with her sisters.

Once we got there we had loads of fun….including one day downtown which included Pickle and me exploring Andersonville and the girls and Grammy going to Navy Pier to see Beauty and the Beast.  We also saw some cool sites in Downtown Naperville, including artists working on painting portraits of real people in an alley.

One of my favorite moments was watching the girls and my parents participate in impromptu Sled Hill Olympics.

I visited my Grandmother and went through some of her old photos. After seeing her Mother and Grandfather, I am convinced Pickle is pure Forsgren:

This year was perfect timing because the weather was incredible and the produce at its peak.  I think August is my new favorite time to take a trip home.


2 responses to “Chicago: Wrap Up

  1. I think it was one of your best trips home. We loved every minute of it.

  2. Your ancestor photo comparison is amazing. I’d love to see that community mural. Cool, cool!

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