The week before I went to Chicago there was the Chicago Yarn Crawl.  I missed it. But! I was able to get some names and addresses of participating stores to check out.  Yelp was very helpful to me in determining where I wanted to spend my precious 2 hours of time.  Thankfully, my top choices were about 10 blocks apart on the same street in the same neighborhood.

First I checked out Sifu, and the little box of yarn for the birds in the tree outside their shop won me over immediately.

My Grandma had sweetly given the Pickle and me $20- to spend in the city, so in the spirit of that, I found a little skein of yarn that was $6- to make a Christmas hat for Pickle (I had spent $14- on breakfast at Ann Sather just before I arrived.)

Next stop was Windy Knitty.  Though I am a fan of some sterility in yarn shops, Sifu had the perfect balance of presentation and kitsch, that I was a little let down by the organization of Windy Knitty. But! WK had this amazing skein of yarn called City by the Lake. I have no idea what I’ll make (ok, some idea, probably a hat), but I had to have it, because it was my city in yarn form!


Brilliant! So glad I sought out these two gems.


One response to “CHICAGO YARN

  1. Helen Knowles

    That “city yarn” is so beautiful. There’s a yarn crawl in our area once a year and there’s a yarn shop in Hyattsville you might like (small but with lots of yarns to choose from).

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