Equine Goodness

Every time my kids head over to my Mom’s house, I think it would be great if I could find some horse-back riding lessons for them.  I have spent a fair amount of time researching this, to no success.

At church on Sunday a woman I used to babysit for a hundred years ago mentioned her horses. I had no idea she had horses, so I cornered her and inquired of her where I might make this horse thing happen for my girls.  She so generously offered up her own horse Bill for my girls to ride.

We spent the afternoon taking care of Bill and riding him of course. I felt like a good Mom that afternoon because my children internalized the experience.  They decided all on their own to ride with and without the lunge rope, trot with the lunge and walk on their own with no lead.  I could tell that they were proud inside and it had nothing to do with my presence or reaction.  That is the girl I am aiming to raise!

Bill was such a cool horse.  The funniest part of our experience was when a Mare came into the barn to exercise and Bill only had nose eyes for her.  A true boy through and through.  We were so grateful to Janet for transporting these City Girls to the Country.


One response to “Equine Goodness

  1. I enjoyed this entire post. That was a day of quality time, no rush just learning all they could. You are such a good mother to seek out and provide experiences like this. They are blessed girls!

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