My Loves


Mama please do not disturb. I’m a cocoon trying to become a butterfly (visual: all wrapped up in my moby wrap)

She suggested starting an ensemble with her best friends (violinist and cellist).  I explained that it would be too much with all she has going on, and she protested: “It would be an honor.”

At Grammy’s house you discovered a new song: Somebody that I used to know.  You listened to it dozens of times, trying to learn the words.  When I told you that Papa didn’t love the lyric: “screwed me over”,  you decided to change it to:
“Scooted me over”

During a Family Dance Break during family home evening, to you guessed it: Somebody that I used to know….Phoebe declared: “I’m going to lipsync this part” and Lolly replied:  “I’m going to pretend to be the real singer backstage”


Discovering reality/competition tv in Arizona….explaining design star to me, as if I have never seen a reality competition show

Watching YOUTUBE versions of Call me Maybe with Dad.

Being so excited and into shopping for your school clothes this year.

Picking the most colorful shoes at the running store (your first choice by sight) and INSISTING that of all the other shoes you tried on, these were DEFINITELY the best fitting too, and the design had no influence on your decision.


changing the tail light on my van! wow!

You were such a rockstar documenting the Color Run. Way to go.

Being so concerned for and proud of Pickle for her sleep training.


Being so supportive of the sleep training and sympathizing with her the night after the hardest night.

Participating in the Olympics of Sled Hill with the girls.

Dad—Sky High!! Jumping with the girls–you’re tops.. Mom-Sky high! Sitting their for hours in the noise and the movement…thank you.


I forced you to learn how to sleep for your own good (and mine). Good job discovering that stroking and holding your soft hair is a comfort to you.

Your little face—you were SO HAPPY at the pediatrician, and I watched your eyes change when she stuck you with that vaccine shot. It was the saddest. thing. ever.


3 responses to “My Loves

  1. could you give me some more information about the sleep training? My six month old continue to cries for me. I know she is fine because when I pick her up the cry stops instantly, but it is a challenge for me to listen to cries for hours? is there a method to this?

    • Kristy Glass

      Amanda, I’m going to write a post about it, but If you can’t wait, basically you put them to bed at 8 and return to their room at 7 am…. No matter what happens… It takes about 4 days and you will need to ignore it. Google: the new basics and read up on SLEEPING

      I’m on the go – excuse the typos!

  2. “My Loves” of yours are always candid, tender, funny and sweet. Thanks for sharing these moments.

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