Comings and Goings

We received news that our beloved Grandpa Glass passed away on the Saturday of our camping trip, from pneumonia that he caught after hip surgery.  He was 95 years old. He lived a good long life, and we loved him so very much.  He is set such a great example of JUST how to grow old—REALLY living til the very very end.  I want to be like him when I grow up.

The girls had just flown to Chicago, so we had to pick them up there on our way to California for the Memorial Service.  Pickle had her first 5 flights in 20 hours. Oh my my my, was that fun! Jason got upgraded to first class for almost every leg (good thing with what those flights cost us even WITH bereavement fares! Oy!), so the girls were rocking it in Economy.

To be fair–all were very good little travelers, but I was quite weary when we parted ways with Dad for leg 5.

It was so worth the trip though, for the cousins to reunite and for Pickle to meet her extended family and Glass Grandparents!  I am so glad we made it all happen even under difficult circumstances.  It is always a blessing to see the entire family together–several generations in one room.  The oldest was Grandma Kit at age 91 and youngest Miss Pickle at 8 weeks old!

Pickle was so fussy just before the cousins Pic, but in true Glass Posse fashion, turned it on for a few frames! Proud!

The best best best part of the whole less than 24 hour experience really was the cousin’s family band.  Aunt J wrote them all a part and they learned their own parts individually the day before (the girls and I practiced via skype), and then they had 15 minutes to put it together before the Memorial Service. Little professionals if you ask me!  (pay no attention to the fact that the tempo sped up quite a bit by the end!)

Thank you California for being good to us as always…wish we could have stayed longer.

Here we are VERY early in the morning on the way to the airport:


4 responses to “Comings and Goings

  1. Oh those precious cousins pics. There’s nothing like them as time marches on. The Marine’s Hymn sounded great!!!

  2. I am sorry your grandpa passed away, but it seems like it was a wonderful opportunity to gather with family.

  3. Kudos to Aunt J for getting that rockin’ family band together.

  4. This is Dad/Papa/Doug
    I am so sorry about the passing of Steve. A really fine man, who always extended his warm friendliness to Lisa and I.
    Great family.
    — Jason– the bass part on the A capella quartet on the way to the airport was outstanding.

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