Taking a Break

Hi! I am away from home! Don’t worry burglars, if you’ve figured out where I live, all my valuables are with me, and my husky husband is still there and he will run you over with his Escalade.

That car (which is his loaner before his much smaller car arrives) has been such a life saver this summer with the Vermont Marathon and the Camping Trip and running over bad guys.

Anyway, I am away from home and I have so much to blog about, but I enjoy a photo or video or two or three to go along with my posts, and I forgot my USB chord to import said photos and videos (though I could have SWORN I packed it), so I will most likely be back posting once I return.  Here are a few posts you have to look forward to:

1. The Posse takes an unexpected 24 hour trip to California and back.  Baby’s first 5 flights! Wowza.

2. The Great Grand Kids play the Marine Hymn at their Great Grandpa’s funeral. My dreams of a family band came true!

3. Pickle turns 2 months old and rolls over from back to front? What the what?

4.  Pickle tries on vintages Feldman Brothers dress and pajamas from her GRANDMOTHER’s baby doll.

5. The Bigs discover Sky High–a facility full of trampolines!

6. I run 5 miles. (maybe I don’t need to post about it now).

7. The Color Run: NYC

8. Pickle gets cuter–if that’s possible

And there’s more.

So, please come back and check in.  If I back-post, I’ll try to notify you, or maybe I’ll just post it all in September.  We shall see. Time will tell.  Whatever the Pickle allows.

For day-to-day updates, follow me on twitter (kristyglass, handle) or instagram (kagepix, handle) (I learned it’s called a handle).  I do a lot of instagramming because it’s very nursing friendly.


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