“Instant Popularity”

Phoebe told me having a baby means: Instant Popularity.  I’m not sure exactly what she means or why she thinks this, but she may be right.

Blogher and attending blogger events made me curious about my stats.  I told someone in passing the other day that like 200 people visit my blog everyday, but I am wrong about that…I was surprised to see that my numbers are triple that.  Now, I am assuming that this is mostly individuals, as why would someone come back to my blog more than once a day right?  If you do–hi!  Back so soon?  Thanks for checking in…again.

Anyway, I did some clicking and I found this little chart and I thought it was hilarious that the most populated month was the month of Pickle’s birth.  Turns out, Phoebe might be right. Baby = Instant Popularity!

So Funny.


One response to ““Instant Popularity”

  1. Phoebe’s so totally right. When I have a baby, I get more smiles headed my way than ever. Of course they’re smiling at the baby but I feel the smile too.

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