I didn’t want to go.

Baby girl? tent? rain in the forecast? so much stuff, so much effort….

The family decided we were going. I told J, he BETTER get that air mattress to work, because I was not sleeping on rocks, and neither was Pickle.

He got it to work, and even though it was wet everywhere, even without the rain–humid, dew forming on human beings, the tent: a greenhouse…we got through the night.

I killed 2 giant ants that were crawling on the mattress while I changed Pickle’s diaper before bed, and I just had to tell myself there were only 2 in the tent, and I got them both (I doubted that was true.)

In the dead of night I spilled a TON of my water bottle down the front of me. It felt refreshing, but now I was wet on top of wet, so that was a bit of a situation-Pickle was happy though because I shed my now VERY wet top, so her midnight snacks were now SUPER easy access.

Jason tells me I complain every year.  I think I only complained for the first time THIS YEAR, and he is lucky I went.  Pickle wins the award for TROOPER!


One response to “Camping

  1. Helen Knowles

    You and Pickle are real troopers – that’s above and beyond with a less than 2 month old.

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