Lion Brand Event

I was so thrilled to be invited to a special BLOGGER event at Lion Brand last week.  What made it even more special, is my Bestie was visiting from California, and she was invited too!  Carrie and I arrived at the Studio around 3 o clock and spent the next 5 hours in Yarn Heaven.

After a tour of the Studio itself (which I had been to many times before, but learned some new stuff!), we were given the friends & family discount to shop. I snatched up some Vanna’s Choice to make this afghan.  Of course they had all the required colors for my pallette.

I also picked up some of her Glamour for a few new projects I want to tackle:
Honeycomb Hat, Cable Knit Bracelet & Ruby Slippers.
We got a tour of the Design Floor. The work spaces were immaculate and white and beautiful. The vision boards were so inspiring. I even spied an intern working on a craft that will be posted on their website.  After that we met the CEO, David, who was so gracious and amazing.  His office was way cool, and of course his office chair and computer were YARN BOMBED!

Lion Brand set up a BEAUTIFUL gifting table with new colors of their yarns.  I filled up my bag after two visits to the table, and this was after I had opened a gift that they had specially picked for me. Little Crochet! Perfect!

Seriously, it was yarn heaven!  Better than Christmas!  I can’t WAIT to get started. My mind is racing with all the projects I get to do with THIS YARN!——–>
When we were done shopping and picking out gifts, we worked together on a craft that I had never done before!  We started with a BLANK and then dyed it with sharpies and water.  After it dries, we will unwind it, roll it up, and then knit or crochet something! Exciting!  Can’t wait for them to send it to me!
We concluded the evening with a delicious meal at Mesa Grill on 5th Ave.  The food was so delicious.  I can’t stop thinking about the piece of Coconut Cake I had for dessert.

I loved getting to know the heart and soul of Lion Brand.  I can’t wait to work on my projects with my new yarn!  Of course you will see them all featured here.

A HUGE THANK YOU For including THIS BLOGGER at such a warm event, full of YARN LOVE!


3 responses to “Lion Brand Event

  1. Wow, wow, wow! I’m intrigued by the sharpie/H2O yarn dying and the tray underneath it. Any other details?

  2. Loved your belt too!

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