Here’s the thing

Here’s the difficulty with the blogging situation: I don’t have the same free time I once had, so I often have to either blog all in one sitting, or blog about things that seem to have happened a long time ago, by the time I sit down and blog about them.  But, I guess that is fine because this is not a twitter feed and this is my blog after all.  Perhaps, I will add some dates to events, so that I can be impressed that I did THAT so soon after having a baby. ; )

Anyway, a few items that are too small to be their own post, so they will be all together in a post of small things.

~I have discovered the 5 S’s for baby pickle.  My wise friend Alison visited me and imparted this wisdom that she learned from Happiest Baby on the Block: Swaddle, Side, Sway, Suck, Sound.  She will only take the binky in this situation and her sound of choice is waves on the beach, that I got from a free white noise app on my iphone.  I hold it RIGHT next to her ear and it is magic.

~We use the word SITUATION a lot to describe…well…situations.  Most often a Situation is something that occurs in the nether regions…and it’s most likely a Pickle Poop Situation. Like, during the most reverend part of our church services last week, she had a situation, and right after her Dad’s work shower began–a situation.  The Blow-outs have begun.

~Phoebe has her first mother’s helper babysitting job today.  She is so big.

~My brother is visiting my Mom right now and my Sister is arriving soon and I am feeling very sad that I am not there.  Boo. I group-skyped with my family last weekend. It was really fun, but a bit frustrating for the delays and audio problems here and there.
~I have a bananas idea for our Christmas Card this year, but it’s going to take some major creativity to ACTUALLY pull it off.  I am still stumped about Halloween–that is a SITUATION

~Pickle got called a boy for the first time today.  Bummer.

~She’s grown out of her first set of onesies…which makes me faced with the decision: To keep or not to keep?  She is SO TALL–her legs pop out of her nightgowns and full-length clothes look like capris.

That’s about all for now. I have a lot of POSTING to do!!! I am really going to try as soon as I finish all of my chores, but it’s really up to the magic of the white noise app on the iphone.


4 responses to “Here’s the thing

  1. I am AMAZED at how much you’ve done since Pickle has been born. An idea that I heard about regarding baby clothes was to keep your favorites and have them made into a quilt.

  2. Wow what an app! You are doing amazing things. I think it is great that you blog your activities, adventures and accomplishments (triple A). You put thousands of Mom’s to shame in wise use of time. I am happy that you take time for things you enjoy doing in addition to Mothering which is the best. Mom’s do need mental refreshers right?

  3. I love all your posts. Our stories and “situations” are very similar these days. Thanks for mentioning the white noise app… we need it!

  4. I love the pictures of the girls with Pickle. I love all her wild hair. You are truly amazing how much you got out and about the city and other places with your family. Funny thing – When you mention the blow-outs I can smell the breast milk poop and that brings back fond memories, weird I know.

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