Flicks with Sticks

The Posse loves Lion Brand Yarn Studio’s Flicks with Sticks.  Most of the time we can’t make it do to bedtime constraints, but I wanted to be sure to try our best to attend this summer.

Pickle was not the most helpful spectator, it is her FUSSY time of the day right around that time, but we did our best.  Phoebe got a few rows done on her ribbed scarf featuring LB’s Hometown USA, and I got a start of my first granny square ever with LB’s new sparkly bon-bons in celebrate.  Here’s a secret: Granny Squares are easy breezy…I don’t know why I waited so long to try!

Lion Brand Studio’s window is looking super cool these days, you have to see it in person though to appreciate the different yarn textures included in each color.  We left early because it started torrential raining and we had no umbrellas, so Jason came to the rescue by picking us up in the car!  Woot! I still don’t know how My Reputation ended.

I’m excited to say that Carrie and I are headed to LB Studio TODAY for a special blogger event!  I think it could be legendary…so excited to be going with my Bestie!


One response to “Flicks with Sticks

  1. One day I need to be in town for this event.

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