My Loves


I tried so hard to take my flute apart, I farted twice.

Pickle likes to cry in the car a lot, especially when it’s not moving. You suggested that I bring the carseat in and put it on the couch and practice NOT crying with her.

The look on your face when you realized you forgot Ellie on your AZ trip!

Saying: I’m not happy I’m going to AZ, I’m SO HAPPY.

I woke up from a nap and found the heat on…in July….why? because you were trying to melt ice cubes.

You always have funny things to say, like lately you have been using the word Odd.  “Remember that couple we went to the Easter Parade with? They were odd.” First of all, we never went WITH anyone, we just bumped into them, and that was like 2 years ago—why did that pop in your head in the middle of July?

The first time I used my double electric breast pump in front of you.  I waited to see your reaction.  I looked at you, talked to you for a bit before you noticed, and then suddenly you noticed, crossed the room and put your nose right next to those pumps and peppered me with questions: Does that hurt? Is that sucking? Is that like the baby? And you couldn’t stop staring.

Singing CALL ME MAYBE over and over and over and over and over again. I never knew about that song until you got back from AZ.


Always being able to get Pickle to sleep so quickly, I finally asked your technique. You showed me. Holding her on your shoulder and spinning around in circles fairly quickly—I asked you to find a new technique!

Singing One Direction’s song to Pickle, only changing it to: You don’t know your CUTEiful….

To Pickle: Let’s gossip about babies…doesn’t _____ look like a Cabbage Patch?

Waking up me up from my nap by whispering: “Is Pickle done eating?” twice! I just about went crazy!

You are such a morning person…so chatty RIGHT when you wake up at 6 AM  (every morning)

Pickle made a little cry sound while watching the Tour De France, and you said: “She’s sad because Peter Sagan’s not winning!”  Made Daddy BEAM.

Staying right with me the whole time I was dealing with stress at the airport, and making eye contact, trying to be there for me.  Giving me the TIGHTEST hug and tearing up when we said goodbye before your AZ flight.

Getting a tear in your eye when we decided to stay in a hotel instead of the camp ground.

Always being so excited about any adventure: Fireworks, Vermont, whatever it is.  You’re the best.


You came into bed and I had been sleeping for a while already, and you were VERY distraught about the dishwasher not working. you had tried EVERYTHING for the past 2 hours and asked me to call to get help in the morning.  You had left a GE page open on my computer and I clicked on the service page and saw a video that said: What to do when the water doesn’t work (which was our problem). I asked if you had watched it, you said no, so I sent you the link.  You came home, after watching the video, did a 2-second thing to the dishwasher and it started working. I totally took credit for that fix.

That night being a mom of 3 caught up to me and Pickle was STILL AWAKE….being really patient and saying: I’m here with’re not alone. Sweet.

Doing so great on that really tough marathon…not giving up.


You were restless one morning, so we held hands for a little while, taking turns squeezing.

You are so funny. You hate the carseat, but we figured out you like holding someone’s finger with both hands, right next to your cheeks and sucking on the binky….after about a half hour of stress you settle into sleep.

The girls think you MUST be deaf because you cry so loudly, you obviously can’t hear how loud you are.  I disagree.

You have an insane nightly routine where you just won’t settle unless I crawl into bed with you and tuck you in my armpit.  We go around in circles, nursing, rocking, swaddling, unswaddling….and you act like the “Naked Mole Rat”…nursing in a VERY agitated way.  One night I started kissing you in between one of these and you gave me a huge smile. Little turkey.

Mom & Dad:

Dad–you were laughing til you CRIED over the Awkward Family Photos book you found on my shelf. I am not sure I have seen you EVER laugh like that. Mom, you were laughing too.

Both of you STAYING POSITIVE during our crazy 4th of July adventure.

Dad-working really hard on having a VERY wide smile for all the pictures taken

Dad-bringing strawberries to your church class to celebrate the birth of Pickle. Brought a tear to my eye.

Dad-taking the girls to the pool–truly you are a saint.

Mom-diving into Downton Abbey with me!

Mom–holding Pickle’s hand the whole way home.

Mom-being there for us for those first two weeks!  So glad you were there for us. Ritz Chicken is still being talked about.


I have to write down MY LOVES right away or else they are gone from my mind forever. I tried SO HARD to remember one for Phoebz and it was just gone….


example 1:

J: our new girl from BYU starts today, she’s from Hong Kong, last name (spells it out) N-G

me: oh those Koreans, they think it’s okay to have two consonants as their last name

J: She’s Chinese.

me: I meant that

Phoebe is always “in my business” as I call it. She always puts her head right next to mine or touches/kisses the baby etc. while I am nursing and it BOTHERS me and I have let her know that.  Finally I decided she needed an object lesson to understand. So, I laid RIGHT on top of her, put my face ON her face and then stuck out my tongue so that it rested (according to her) on her eye.  I said: I know you are not DOING this, but THIS is what it feels like….please let me have my space when I’m nursing the baby.

Sometimes I feel like crying when I am so exhausted late at night, but in general I feel like crying with joy because despite how challenging this is (and confounding my baby is), I am quite pleased with her presence in my chaos life.


While skyping and nursing she asked: “Is that a trap door in your bra?” Awesome.


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  1. I’m always honored to be included in “My Loves”.

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