Blogher 2012 is IN THE HOUSE, so to my out-of-town blogger friends, please visit one of my favorite food establishments!

Skip the cart, head to Sigmunds Pretzels

While there, check out Downtown Yarns, Fabulous Fanny’s, Economy Candy and Pink Olive.
Head to stand

ASPARAGUS “HOTDOG”! Head to Dogmatic

COMFORT FOOD! Head to Chat n Chew

I always order Smashies and Quintessential Macaroni & Cheese, but heard Thanksgiving on a Roll is pretty delicious too.

CHOCOLATE! Head to Max Brenner for your meal AND dessert.

While in Union Square stop by the Union Square Green Market (look for Emu eggs, so beautiful), Fishs Eddy (for your NYC souvenir plate) & ABC Carpet & Home.  If you head north a little ways more you can glance up at the Flat Iron Building and get a custard at the Shake Shack (that’s the b line–the short one!).

PRETZEL CROISSANT! Head to city bakery
The hot chocolate here is like melted candy bars! After you pick up a treat, stop by Books of Wonder and Adorama.

HOMEMADE HO HO! Head to bouchon bakery

They rotate their pastries though, so if they don’t have these in stock, go for the Raspberry Almond Croissant.

BACON WAFFLES AND STRAWBERRY BUTTER!  Head to good enough to eat

BEST COOKIE! It’s a toss up between levain bakery & potbelly’s –you decide!


I go for the focaccia and sweet potato spread starter that I eat while I dream about my meal.

CREAM PUFFS! Try Beard Papa’s Cream Puffs

The upper west side is pretty vast, but a few of my favorite stores are Lush, Knitty City, Yarntopia, Century 21 & fresh. You could also check out Lincoln Center while you’re up there.

PIZZA! Try patsy’s or grimaldis
Best location for Patsy’s: 1312 2nd Ave.

Best location for Grimaldi’s: 656 6th Ave. (Don’t go under the Brooklyn Bridge)

BACON BRUNCH? BACON BROWNIE? RASPBERRY LEMONADE? You have to go to Sage Just take the 7 from Times Square 5 stops….going to Queens is cool!

ICE CREAM? Best in the boroughs is at Malu

MACARONI & CHEESE? Head to Macbar in Soho

CUPCAKE! None are worth eating but those made at sprinkles
I prefer banana with dark chocolate frosting, but really, I have not had a cupcake there that isn’t the most delicious thing on the island of Manhattan.


10 responses to “MUST EATS!

  1. Elizabeth D

    LOVE the ideas! My husband and I are coming to NYC in August for a 10th Anniversary getaway… And, oddly enough, we’re staying in Queens!

    • Kristy Glass

      !!! Not odd at all– affordable! If that’s the case, then you must Check out many more places… I’ll try to get another list!

      I’m on the go – excuse the typos!

      • Elizabeth D

        Would love ideas — to do, to see, to eat — whatever you might suggest. Thanks!

  2. Helen Knowles

    You’ve made me so hungry and I totally agree with you about the cupcakes at Sprinkles. Some of those desserts you posted look heavenly.

  3. It is fun for me to see a few places I ate at. You and your friends are going to have tons of fun.

  4. Kristy, thanks so much for including Shake Shack in your Must Eats. With so many great places to eat in NYC, we’re thrilled to be one of your top picks!

    Hope our team sees you again soon at the Shack!

    -Brandy, Shake Shack

  5. I love Stand – they do have great shakes, I live in NYC and go there a lot!

  6. Wow, a shout-out from Shake Shack! Shake Shack, if you are still reading this, know that I recommend you to EVERYONE.

    All of these look amazing by the way.

  7. Kristy, Thank you for all the support and great words you have given us. We are honored to be included in your list, and the title…”Best in the Boroughs”… Thank you! And by the way congratulations!

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