Lion Brand Yarn- I’m a Fan

You probably know that I am a fan of Lion Brand Yarn and Lion Brand Studio.  I am really excited to spend time there this week with Carrie.  In honor of our upcoming event, I wanted to repost some of my favorite Lion Brand Yarn Projects and add a new one to the mix:

Lolly color-designed this blanket for Pickle, and we worked on at least half of together during Flicks with Sticks and such.  We have a very productive 3-handed crochet technique.  I think the Hometown USA yarn colors she chose are very NOW.  Pickle seems to love it, and the duct-tape bow Lolly made her (stuck on with good old fashioned caro syrup!)

Here are some of my past posts featuring Lion Brand Yarn:

Amazing Socks




Tiger Pillow

Glitter Hats


One response to “Lion Brand Yarn- I’m a Fan

  1. Great blog post Kristy, thank you! We can’t wait to see you this afternoon :-)

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