Craft: Headband

A friend of mine has the cutest headband on her little baby. It inspired me to try to make it with crochet thread and an itty bitty hook. After some research and advice from friends and family, I turned to the amazing trim shops here in NYC to make headbands instead.

I was inspired!

This trim looks like crosstitch fabric….and so I did a little research on embroidery, pulled out my neon floss left over from my iphone cover, and voila–a headband was born!  This one is directly inspired by the dress she is wearing.  My newest daughter is NOT the most willing model.  Her favorite pose is lifting up a leg, sometimes two.

I found rainbow elastic trim for the bottom of the headband–who knew? So cute…can’t WAIT to make more.


2 responses to “Craft: Headband

  1. Helen Knowles

    Cute idea – and I’ll say it again – I love her dress.

  2. Still can’t get over that cute dress. Love the headband too.

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