Knit: Chevron

I’ve been battling this pattern for a long time.  I think I frogged this blanket 5 times before I was able to cast-on and see it through to the end.  I learned a few things from my frogging:

1. Make sure to check for errata…I made mistakes because there was an error in the pattern that was corrected in the comments.

2. Do not take a project that is a challenge out and about.  You will make mistakes.

3. When casting on SO MANY stitches, learn a technique other than the long-tail.  I ended up casting on most of it long-tail, and when I ran out of yarn, casting on a different way (nope, don’t know what it’s called, used a youtube vid)

I knew I needed to really concentrate when I worked on this afghan, so I saved it for the (inevitable) period of time when I would be waiting and waiting and waiting to have a baby.  I started it about a week before she was born.  I worked on it while watching Downton Abbey with my Mom, and then learned to knit while nursing…and that’s how I finished it so quickly!
I am happy with all of it but the edge of my bind-off.  I am certain I made a mistake, though I tried really hard to understand the instructions.  It’s not AWFUL, just not perfect…but then…NOTHING I make is…so it’s ok!

I used this pattern on Purlbee Blog and Lion Brand Cotton.  It was really nice working with 100% cotton, and using a double strand. I will definitely use it again for future projects.

In other news, I can’t remember the last time I washed my hair, I dreamt last night that I had 5 inch armpit hair and my newborn refuses to nap longer than 15 minutes unless in the car, in her moby, or snuggled close to any (she’s not picky) human being.


One response to “Knit: Chevron

  1. Beautiful afghan Kristy! Love the color selections

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