Baby Mama

I can fold laundry and eat and pick up pretty quickly.

I can function pretty well on this interrupted sleep situation.

I can go less insane if I just leave my house with all the girls and figure it out.  Staying inside=deadly.

My baby is really good when out and about. When at home, she likes to be held…a lot….so I feel like I am getting nothing done.

The knitting while epic-nursing is helping me feel less antsy.

The baby selectively smiles, and usually only after her first breakfast.

Blogging is hard! But, I’m trying.

Here’s a little something:

I wake up to awesome bed head every morning:


2 responses to “Baby Mama

  1. Feel free to just drop her off at my house. You know, if you’re around. :)

  2. staying inside=deadly for me too! So glad I’m not the only one!

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