While they were gone…

My kids went to visit their cousins for the week.  It was just Pickle and me.  I got to sleep in and do less dishes and make less meals. That was super nice.

Here is what I got accomplished without a full posse:

~Fabric Shopping with the Baker Chick.  She brought me the BEST COOKIES ever.

~Ate at Potbelly’s…twice.

~Trim Shopping to make Pickle some headbands.  How have I never been to Tinsel Trading Company before?






~Went to Target with friends! Got these for the Pickle:






~Got my Hair Cut:

~Added Pickle to my necklace. Got the metal in the Gold District, got the cool artsyness at Brooklyn Charm.  My necklace looks AMAZING now.






~Went to Harlem for some Chicken & Waffles

~Got my Color Run outfit and with it, some motivation to EXERCISE and EAT RIGHT:

~Ran 2 miles for the first time since about 25 weeks pregnant, and with it some motivation to run FAST–screaming newborn!

~Learned to knit while nursing! Awesome!

~Got her tongue-tie fixed, woosh! Tiny snip, no blood. Better nursing!  She just BARELY passed her hearing test after failing it at birth. Oh dear….gotta figure that out. I am pretty sure she can hear, though the girls insist she can’t otherwise, why would she cry SO LOUD?

~Turned a full-slip into a half so that I can nurse in a dress, I bought for nursing!

~Received MORE GIFTS, including a Barbra Streisand infant nightgown from Carrie. It’s so soft and the best and I am in LOVE with it!

~Sent out my birth announcements, and received one back for insufficient address. What’s up with that?  Come on POST OFFICE, letting me DOWN! How can you not tell who this is for?  Sorry, that one person who didn’t get one, I have no idea who you are.

And now the Posse is Full and we are enjoying the summer: “I’m bored”‘s and “What are we doing today?” and “Can I hold Pickle?”


6 responses to “While they were gone…

  1. I think you look amazing! Keep up the good work. Enjoy reading about your family, and Pickle looks just like her sisters.

  2. Helen Knowles

    I got my announcement! I love Pickles blue outfit from Target – I might have to see if I can find that for the twins.

  3. Very, very impressive. Get out the school supplies and tell them they have to return to school early in 3 days. That will shape them up into the best behavior. Then say: “just kidding” the morning it is supposed to start. Might be a good joke and also may backfire, if it backfires give them daily homework assignments. ha, ha!

  4. Ha ha!!! That is so funny about the envelope. I’ve got to hand it to you for getting announcements out sooo quickly not to mention that they were the cutest announcements ever made. My child #3 didn’t even get one because I didn’t think about it until he was like 11 months old. Ha ha!

  5. Hmmm….it’s possible I learned from you to have the birth announcement design taken care of before the birth. Then all you have to do is plug in the details and photo and, voila! A timely birth announcement! (Not like the one I got yesterday. For the baby who was born in March. I’m just sayin’….)

  6. Got my announcement too!! Super cute. Emmy’s been hanging onto it, think she has a bit of “baby craze”. And I love the skull and cross bones dress. :)

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