July Marathon

I saw a link on facebook to this article about a woman who had a goal to run a marathon in every state.  Her requirement: the marathon had to take place on a day other than Sunday.  Since this is also Jason’s requirement I thought he would be interested in supporting her.

Her last state to accomplish her goal was Vermont.  Since she couldn’t find a marathon NOT on Sunday, she decided to organize her own and call it the Joseph Smith Memorial Marathon (since Sharon, VT is the birthplace of JS and there is a memorial there!).  Jason recruited 3 other friends to join him, so we had to make a plan.

As suggested by the JSM Marathon website, we booked a cabin at the campsite, and I made plans to stay with my friend in Windsor (a town nearby), because I was not going to nurse a baby through the night outside.  Sidenote–we WANTED to stay in my friend’s INN, but it was sold out…so instead we just stopped by. It is beautiful!!!!

On the way up in the car, Jason and his running buddy were discussing camping etc., and somehow got this idea that the Marriott would be way better than camping, so we booked a hotel then and there and put a kibosh on our previous plan.  WAY better plan.  Especially since the race BEGAN at 5:30 AM, and our CARBING UP dinnerplace was in the same town as the hotel AND the girls could go swimming!

Here are the runners BEFORE and AFTER the marathon+ race. + because it was really between 27.2-27.5 (depending on which garmin you looked at).

There were about 40 runners who showed up to run! It was fun getting a photo of everybody before they took off!  Jason decided on Red and Blue, so we wore the same colors. In honor of the Tour, we were TEAM LIQUIGLASS!

The course was pretty brutal as far as hills go…but so beautiful.  We saw so many beautiful sights and the sound of nature was really cool.  I loved the little signs Susan had put up on the route.  For our part, we did some cartwheeling and cheering.  It was so early we had to park by graveyards and power stations as to not disturb the Vermontians.

That’s a puddle of sweat where Jason was sitting.

Pickle only got ALMOST locked in the car once..she was a good little trooper through the chase.  Jason did his best, finishing in 4:50.  After it was over we had pizza and Ben & Jerry’s and Cabot Cheese. VERY  Vermonty.

My Aunt surprised us by signing up too!  It was her 83rd marathon!  It was great to see her, it’s been YEARS…. There was a guiness-book marathoner there (seen above with the neon hat on), and various other characters.

On the way home I spied a billboard boasting the largest yarn store in America, and thankfully everybody in the car thought it was as GREAT IDEA as I did to stop!  It really was the LARGEST yarn store I have EVER been in. I got some goodies for some fall hat-making (IF the Pickle ever lets me…).

Also, on this trip we learned that Pickle enjoys holding hands and a little binkying while she is enduring the car ride.  She is a high maintenance car-rider.  Once she was asleep though, I got a bunch of rows done on my Chevron Baby Blanket featuring Lion brand Cotton!  Woot!


8 responses to “July Marathon

  1. So glad you got to stop by Webs! …one of my two lys. Looks like a fun trip!

  2. How cool! So indpiring! And Ruby was just like that in the car ps. Had to hold at least one hand AND the binky in at all times (often with the white noise app blaring in her ear). She ALWAYS wanted the binky but would not hold it in herself. Oh babies.

  3. I comment and forget to post. Duh! What a great weekend outing!

  4. That sounds like a great race! Fun to see pictures of all of them doing it.

    Have you all ever thought about doing one of the Ragnar’s in the East? We really should put a team Astoryites together.

    Doug says way to go as well and we both think that Pickle is one cute Peanut!

  5. That binky finger holding picture is just to precious!!!! I have an 8 week old and he too is a bit of a high maintenance car rider.

  6. That guy in the Neon hat was in my marathon/half marathon too! We ran together for a few miles around mile 10! He was amazing! I have him in a few of my pictures so when I saw yours I knew it was him! Same hat and everything.

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