It looks like her nickname is sticking. My Aunt made her this hat to remember it. She also made the blanket she’s sitting on.

While I was at it, I shot a few more hats that I made her:

This turban in knit and crochet version. They are both ill-fitting, but the knit one has a chance of fitting okay once she grows a bit. The crochet is too shallow.  The white hat fits the best of all the hats I made so far. She wore it last weekend in the air-conditioned car.  The stripey one is too big. The last pic is just to show her cute hat hair.


3 responses to “Hats!

  1. “Sew, sew” Sweet. I am liking the turban hat. The color of it reminds me of headgear Lucy would wear in the evenings on some of her episodes. But Pickles hair is something else. Guess what a bigger than uber tiny newborn Pickle hat is on the needles. I need to to the earflaps, ties, name and topknot. I’ll get it to J when he is out here so you can enjoy her in the look a bit longer.

  2. Cutest hat model ever.

  3. Loving the turban! Just discovered crochet baby sandals on etsy today … Have you seen them? Where were these for my July newborn??

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