Guess what?

I feel like I get NOTHING done in my day. Oh! Except, feed the baby. I do a LOT of that.

I am already spoiling my little one, but since my oldest was JUST LIKE HER, I know it will turn out ok….and I feel much more rested when I let her sleep RIGHT NEXT TO ME in the bed. Yup, I’ve got my second co-sleeper. Lolly of course wanted nothing to do with me.  Pickle and Phoebe are kindred spirits…except Phoebe was a binky addict from night 1 on this planet and Pickle continues to be uber offended, gagging dramatically every time I offer it to her.

She also hates the car. So, our 12-hours in the car in the next 36 hours is going to be really good times.

Our family continues to work on transitioning to a family of 5, and we were all quite sleep deprived on the 4th due to a Mets game and Downton Abbey marathon, so there was lots of crankiness! Overall, we did pretty well on our adventure though, and you can see and read all about it here.


3 responses to “Hiya!

  1. I keep wondering what you are doing! It’s difficult being a part of your life every moment and then all of a sudden not be! Miss you all!

  2. All 3 of my kids were co sleepers! It definitely made life easier in some aspects. ^_^

  3. Good luck on that car ride. Mine doesn’t like the car either and I am terrified about 7 hours in the car.

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