This Lady

I couldn’t have transitioned from 2 daughters to 3 without the expert help of this wonderful woman.  Jason hasn’t taken one day off, thanks to Grammy helping us out!  I have woken up in a cold sweat twice realizing she will leave us soon.


5 responses to “This Lady

  1. It’s always so hard to leave. I pour my heart and soul in and get myself attached and then have to pull myself away. :( The blessings have been all mine. Thank you for letting me come and be a part of such a happy event. I have loved every minute of it.

  2. Mothers are the Best!! Motherhood is not for whimps either.

  3. Helen Knowles

    Isn’t it great she could come to help out? That’s what moms do for their children. The problem with grandmas is that we all live far away from our grandchildren and don’t get to seem them on a regular basis. I know both you and your mom have enjoyed this time together getting to know Ms. Pickle.

  4. Family can be such a blessing! How wonderful that she was able to come help you out!

  5. She’s the best!

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