Perfect Church Attendance

Pickle was born on a Monday, so by Sunday I was feeling pretty good.  Why not sit at church when I would just be sitting at home anyway?  Everyone wanted a look at Pickle of course, but everybody was very good about giving her the distance she required. Germs?  Whatever….

I gave her a bath and did her hair with a little curly-Q:

She wore a little dress from my friend Kelly and some jelly shoes.  She slept the entire time.  I had a sub for my Sunbeam class, but visited for a few minutes so that they could meet the baby.  They each took a turn touching her foot.  They were very good for their substitute teachers.

Jason made a little Bishop joke at the podium.  He announced her birth and then congratulated her on having perfect lifetime church attendance.  Ha ha…funny Mr. Bishop.


4 responses to “Perfect Church Attendance

  1. Helen Knowles

    I love her dress – I think I know two little girls who would look good in that dress. Did she make it?

  2. She is absolutely adorable!

  3. i love that she wore jellies.

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