I live 2 miles away from the Renegade Craft Fair  (my favorite event of the year) site, how could I not at least TRY to go?  I know the baby was only 5 days old, but she was born into a crafty family, so frankly, she needed to be introduced early!  I tucked her in the Moby Wrap and away we went!

There was so much to do and to look at and I was disappointed that I couldn’t SEE IT ALL, but to have a taste was just what I needed.  Thank goodness there is a holiday fair this year (I think).

We made porcelain tiles and little wooden dolls.  We had to skip the friendship bracelets because I was getting too hot.

Our favorite booth was Thief & Bandit. Lolly bought a bracelet and I got a cool neon leather feather headband.  We also got some pickle jewelry for Pickle’s blessing day at the inedible jewelry booth.

Phoebe insisted that Pickle wear a proper outfit for her outing.  I made a tile with her birthday on it.

Our new family rule is to jump in a photobooth anytime we see one, so of course we had to at Renegade!

Good Times.


One response to “Renegade

  1. i’m so glad YOU felt up to going out. and I am loving every single picture of your new family of 5.

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