Pickle’s Blessing

This morning was Pickle’s Blessing Day*.  I have had all my baby’s blessed on the first Sunday of the month following their birth.  This makes them 2 or 3 weeks old.  It is quite soon after birth, but I really love that they are so tiny and that we are celebrating so soon.

It makes dressing them a bit tricky, and yes everything Pickle wore was a bit big, but I didn’t care.  I will look forward to her growing into her gold slippers and the bonnet that I made her.

Jason’s aunt sent us an afghan that his mother made before she passed away over a decade ago, just in time for today.  It was a VERY VERY hot day so it was a perfect backdrop for her little blessing day portrait.

It was really important to me that we get a family photo to tide me over until we can get a professional one taken, so I planned out the outfits and hairdos and even the pickle jewelry.  P & I wore matching mother/daughter bracelets made by my friend Angela.  It took me 2 hours to get myself and 3 girls ready for this photo….oh my how life has changed!

I die:

We were lucky to have my parents in town.  My Dad was in the circle during the blessing and we took some photos with them as well.

Pickle cried the entire blessing, and Jason did a great job of letting her have her say, and then he would have his.  He kept very calm and cool even though she was squawking.  When he was done he held her up for all to see and there was an audible “aw” from the congregation, then he gave her a big smack on the cheek and handed her back to me. And then she burped.

3 Generations:

Then & Now:

Now we are 5:

*To read up on Baby Blessings, click here or here.


5 responses to “Pickle’s Blessing

  1. Oh Happy Day! ! ! All Is Well ! ! ! I just am bawling looking at these dear, dear photos. Your 3 daughters together is about the sweetest photo ever taken. It is simply perfect. That’s why I cry. Happy Tears for this BIG little miracle in your family. Oh to see every bright day and even the few clouded ones in your family future is certainly a gift full of hope as you grow with greater love together. May you continue to be blessed so beautifully is my prayer for you. (I hope I can order reprints of some of these pics)

  2. all of this is just so beautiful. Your sweet daughters…! I just love them. AND that bonnet you made is stunning. I am really loving all of this “Pickle juice” to enjoy while I await my little one’s arrival.

  3. Helen Knowles

    The hat you made is beautiful and I love the blanket – how special is that?

  4. Kristie larsen

    I have read every post. And love every moment! What a sweet little pickle! Congrats on your miracle. So glad she is safe in your arms now. And wow how sweet is the love !!! Your big girls will be such great sisters and good help for you.
    Love the pickle jewelry and the sweet dresses!

    And I love her “Jason” hair. She definitely looks a lot like him. And I love love love the pickle and the pea….
    Congrats again. You deserve it all! Every last bit!

  5. She looks so precious! I love the family of 5! And the pics of your girls together!! So sad we couldn’t be there.

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