My Loves


On Sunday, coming into the bedroom to find you on your ipad: “Look! It’s an ‘I’m a Mormon’ video about a cyclist”  one track mind.

Singing: “Pickle will come out…..tomorrow!” to try to cheer me up.

You were an amazing labor partner.  Dressed in your work clothes, you got right in there and pushed on my tailbone with all your might during the MOST EXCRUCIATING part.

Observing my battle scars (post labor body) and telling me I look really good!

Calling my breasts “Magnificent!” Pretending not to be a boob guy when there are no boobs around and pretending TO be a boob guy when there are…I’m still not sure which is the true you!

I told you Pickle was having some separation anxiety, she wanted to sleep right beside me…you said: “I would have separation anxiety from you too.”

Dressing Pickle in new jammies, and giving her back to me…I saw that he chose a little beach romper…it made me laugh hysterically.


When I put my hair up at your orthodontist appointment you said: “Whoa, Mom! I thought we weren’t doing that hairdo in public”

You told Dad that life is SO CHAOTIC right now getting ready for the new baby.  J and I both feel things are pretty calm and manageable at this time….and fear YOUR sanity when baby comes if you think THIS is chaotic.

You have had a REALLY good month! It’s been a while, and it’s so nice to have you back.

You had unexpected hard feelings about missing the dance concert at school and did a great job expressing yourself and sorting it through, and I was happy to listen.  Sweet girl with sweet feelings.

You were REALLY into your choral concert performance and hip-hop performance…love seeing the joy on your face and your commitment to the work.

You started parting your hair in the middle as your hair-down look and you look SO OLD! Stop growing!

Being SO GIDDY about your new sister…saying: I can’t believe she’s ours!

When it’s time to get ready for the diaper change, you are all business, gathering all the supplies and helping out.


I told her she could watch a show if she kept singing to me.  She made up a song with these lyrics:

“There’s a baby in your belly. Floppy boobs, floppy belly, floppy bum.” When I gave her a look she then sang: “I’m just kidding.”

I love hearing you sing more…you haven’t always been a big singer. I recorded you singing what you call HUSH YOU BY (I think you mean Hush-a-bye), but it’s really called ALL THE PRETTY HORSES.  I hope you sing it to the baby.

Seeing a photo of someone, you asked: Does she have bags of water in her boobs?  I forgot I explained breast implants to you once….oops.

You made up a song about Butterflys and I love it and have been singing it in my head a lot

I reminded you that you got a bad grade in behavior in your classroom and you told me you had been a PEACEMAKER ever since we talked to you about it…your teacher concurs

I asked you to read EAST OF EDEN aloud to me, and after the first page you stopped and asked: Is this above my reading level?

Your primary teacher told me that she was explaining that the after-life/heaven was a beautiful place and we should all look forward to going there.  You replied: “I do NOT want to go to heaven….there is no spa castle there.”

Day 3 with Pickle, you asked where she is and 20 minutes later when we couldn’t find you, you had tucked yourself in the bed beside her and had just been staring at her that whole time.

Navigating your place as middle child…you’re doing really good-this is hard for everyone!


Breezing into town the morning after Pickle was born with your perfect outfit and red lipstick, ready to help out!

Enduring sharing a bed with Lolly and small quarters with the rest of us.

Cooking us yummy food.

Being willing and ready to tackle the subway and heat all by yourself.

Tearing up when you stare at that new life.

Tearing up when you sang “Getting to Know You” to Pickle

Playing percussion to Lolly’s flute songs…pretty hilarious.


oh my you are our angel.

You little bugger, you sleep best at night RIGHT next to me.

You are a hungry little thing.  Whoo! The nursing!  Lots and lots of nursing.

I love your hair.  I don’t usually love hair on babies, but I just love yours.


5 responses to “My Loves

  1. I am so honored to be on the “My Loves” list. Thank you.

  2. Helen Knowles

    This is always so dear and I look forward to reading it every month.

  3. So, so dear and so, so funny. I thought you might do loves to yourself. You’ve done some amazing stuff this month plus the past 8.

  4. Um, I had to read some of these outloud to my sisters. Nice job.

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