Pickle and the Pea

I had an idea a while back.  I was looking at the American Girl Doll bunkbeds in the sisters’ room and thought…Hmmm…those might be just the right size for my Pickle.  Then I had an idea to do a Princess and the Pea setup, inspired by this book.  Can you see the printed mattresses that match my wardrobe from the Twiggy shoot?

Mom helped me baby wrangle, and she was also my photo assistant, pointing out when the natural light changed (it was a cloudy day).  Look how tiny Pickle is! It’s like Mom stepped into a doll house.




I love the bloopers the best.

So, here is my best attempt. Man oh man was I wishing for a studio and a crew….but I did the best I could.  Cute!


5 responses to “Pickle and the Pea

  1. You totally succeeded with adorable perfectly darling pics. I love every one of them. I did recognized the twiggy fabric. Very clever woman you are!!!
    Precious forever!!!!!

  2. these are so stinkin cute! I love the one with her on her back in the white dress.. such a cute idea, all of it!

  3. This is so special!!! The cutest thing! Enjoy enjoy enjoy!!!

  4. Adorable!!!

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