Who DOES she look like?

The overwhelming response when people take a look at the Pickle:

She’s a Glass Girl! No doubt about it.

At first I thought she looked a lot like Phoebe, then I saw Jason’s baby picture and realized she looked a TON like him, and now I am starting to think she looks like Lolly.  BUT! Lolly was my baldest baby:

LOLLY, April 2005

So, I’ll let you be the judge:

Phoebe           ~          Jason            ~       Pickle           ~       Kristy          ~          Lolly

I think she’s kind of the perfect combination of us all.

*It was no small feat scanning these pictures in, took me like an hour (now that I have a newborn! And what’s up with me not having a proper newborn pic of Lolly? Fail.)



10 responses to “Who DOES she look like?

  1. You were even styling as a baby. Check out that bow! I think she looks a lot like lolly. They change so much though. Some days my daughter look so much like one brother and other days she looks like the other.

  2. She’s definitely a combo. But she’s got Jason’s hair!

  3. I always play this game w/ my kids too… and then they change so much. It’s such a guessing game. Cole has changed so much these past seven months it’s crazy. Nothing like what I thought he’d look like when he was just a few days old. She’s so cute.

  4. PS – I hope she keeps all her dark hair. Love little dark haired girls. So pretty

  5. To me she looks like Phoebz. But I’m notorious for being really bad at this game.

  6. I think she looks most like Lolly. She certainly is beautiful, no matter who she looks like!

  7. Helen Knowles

    I’m thinking Jason and Lolly – but it is 11.27 p.m. and I got home from work at 9:30 so maybe I’m tired and can’t quite see correctly. One very cute doll baby.

  8. Douglas Anderson

    She looks like Kristy and Jason.

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