Corporate Challenge

When Jason emailed me months ago saying he had signed up for the Corporate Challenge for the second year in a row, on June 14th, I responded: Ok, what about the baby?

His response: Oh, I didn’t have that on my calendar.

Turns out it didn’t matter because I was still pregnant on June 14th.

Two years in a row it has turned out that our end-of-school-year picnic is happening the same night as the 5k. The girls and I picnic and eat dinner, and then when the race starts we head over to the running loop path nearby and cheer on the runners!

We had a great crowd this year.  Shortly after the start our Dad rounded the bend!  We stayed and cheered for a while, and though the runners veered right, many of them crossed over to our cheering section to give high fives.  It was awesome.

Jason ran the exact same time as last year, seen here with a few of his work buddies.



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