42 Weeks

Hooray! She’s out! And I am NOT 42 Weeks pregnant after all!

This week has been so magical and I just do NOT want it to end…seriously. I have been super tired and had a few cranky moments, but I just adore getting to know a life that is THIS NEW.  I am so so so so so so happy.


7 responses to “42 Weeks

  1. Isn’t it amazing the love you feel right now! Too bad they can’t sell it over the counter!

  2. Last night, Pickle was awake and I was holding her on my lap and looking into her eyes. I sang “Getting To Know You” to her and it wasn’t long that tears were streaming down my cheeks.

  3. Lisa, I’m tearing up.

    We called ourselves older parents. I was 29 S was 31 and the same span 3.5 years later. I considered that we were & that you now are more mature, so much wiser & more appreciative of the miracle of creating “little us-es”. We felt we were far better parents too. I see that now with T&N, exactly our same age with #1. Older, wiser, appreciative. Particularly when conception is often so difficult, the appreciation of the miracle is superior. You are now truly living “in the moment”. Better yet, you blog them so well to relive later, that your daughters & their children may learn your feelings & sacrifices.

  4. Congrads to you and your family. It makes me happy just thinking of about that new little life. She is so cute and has so much dark hair.

  5. LOVE THIS!!! Besides the uncomfortable lady business going on, I actually love the beginning newborn phase. It’s awesome. Such a high, even w/ the exhaustion etc.. Congrats mama. She looks just perfect.

  6. Elizabeth D

    She’s absolutely beautiful — what a lovely mix of all of you. Many heartfelt congratulations.

  7. Aww, Yay! Congrats Kristy :-D so beautiful!!

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