In other sister news

Last Saturday the girls showcased our mother/daughter hip-hop routine in their school talent show.  I totally would have done this with them if it had been in April.  As it turned out, 41 weeks pregnant, and that particular day (bawling ALL DAY LONG) was just not going to work out for me. Thankfully the other mom was not at all disappointed about not participating.

When we choreographed the dance we added a little belly shimmy move in honor of my belly, seen on Phoebe here.  The girls did a great job embracing their inner hip-hop attitude.  It was such a great way to spend Monday evenings with my two daughters this past year.  So glad we did it.


One response to “In other sister news

  1. Monday evenings hiphop dancin’ with your girls last year? My idea of a blast.

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