Knit: Turban

I loved the turban I made for a friend’s baby (coincidentally due the SAME WEEK as Pickle), that I had to make one for Pickle, out of the leftover yarn from Phoebe’s crazy quilt.

I first saw the turban on Carrie’s instagram, but she of course just MADE IT UP, so I was stuck with the knit pattern that inspired her crochet version.  Coincidentally, she finally wrote it down and emailed it to me–thanks a lot, now that I JUST finished it.  Still gonna try it though.

Anyway, here it is.  Thank you Monkey for modeling it for me.


3 responses to “Knit: Turban

  1. Congrats little Pickle!!! Hooray!!! You have arrived at last! I guess a mad mama have the power to change things her way. CELEBRATE!!! (her tweeter pic is the cutest thing!)

  2. I’m a longtime silent reader but can’t resist a comment today. Congratulations! I’m so excited for you that you don’t have to wait anymore. Another beautiful daughter, of course!

  3. Instagram comments: That is a pickle face. I think she might go into print modeling. Pickle swaddled up wearing your handknit hat frames what a beautiful newborn she is!

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