Father’s Day

Hip Hip Hooray! It’s Father’s Day!

A post to  the two men in my life who honor their Fatherhood to the MAX.

First to my Dad.  You can see and read all about him here!  He is an extraordinary man who is so dedicated to his family.  I remember going through some major downer times in the recent past and I know he was thinking about me and praying for me all the time.  I know it was his faith and prayers that got me through it, because it was hard for me to exercise faith during that time.  My girls love their Papa and so do I!

And to the Father of my children.  You are such a dedicated Dad to these girls of ours, and I marvel at you everyday, that you keep walking through that door every night.  I always picture you pausing and taking a deep breath before walking through it, not knowing exactly what you are going to find each night.  You rise up to the challenge, no matter what it is.  Lately, you have really helped the Phoebz get through some tough stuff, which is what a Dad can do!  Our girls are so lucky to have you.  You know, a girl needs her Dad in her life, and you will never disappoint any of us.

Both of you have 3 daughters, and I know that is not a mistake.  You were blessed with gifts and talents to help navigate the path of crazy girls, like you both have! Thank you! We love you!


2 responses to “Father’s Day

  1. These two are keepers.

  2. Douglas Anderson

    Thank you for your gracious words! You make fatherhood easy. I love you and am so very, very proud of you and your family.

    And a big shout out for Jason!

    All my love,


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