I had my midwife appointment today.  I found out The Birthing Center within the hospital where I was to give birth is shut down because too many nurses quit the night shift. I am bummed.

Luckily my midwife and I can pretend that we aren’t in labor and delivery and just go about our business (no routine hook-ups, hep-locks, etc.). I fear I am going to have to sleep overnight with a roommate which I am so not happy about.  The birthing center rocks for SO many reasons, and frankly if I knew this is how it would turn out, I probably would have sought out another option.

I got an official ENDING date to this waiting madness.  I will have a June baby.  I made my appointment for the non-stress test next week. Woop-dee-doo.  A few choice individuals continue with the “you’re still here?” nonsense.   I am fine with “How are you?” or just a “hi” with an ironic smile.  My favorite questions this week have been from the true friends:

“May I pick up your kids and cook you dinner?”

“May I bring you lunch at your place?”

“Can you come over for lunch?”

Those questions are more than welcome. I truly have some gems for friends.

Today I decided to see a movie.  I spent a few hours watching Snow White, which was a good distraction, especially knowing that my cleaning lady was at my house making everything nice and spiffy.

My midwife reported I am about a 1 and about 50% effaced.  I think she rounded up on both counts (accounts?).  I had some good braxton-hicks this afternoon, but nothing to finish packing my bag for. Yes, I still need to do that..

This morning I decided it was time to get back to the gym–it’s been a while since I have properly worked out–and so I ellipticalled for 45 minutes while I listened to this.  My midwife says there is NOTHING I can do to start my labor….but I might as well start trying to get back in my pre-pregnancy jeans right?


3 responses to “Appointment

  1. Hah! Now people are starting to ask ME those annoying questions!

  2. Can you come for lunch?

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