What else is going on BESIDES waiting for Pickle

Phoebe went to the dermatologist. She has a skin condition on her legs that has a long name and effects the surface of her knees mostly. She also got a whitehead removed via needle and lance, that has been next to her eye for a really long time. That was exciting.

Both girls have some major crazy orthodontics going on inside their little mouths.  They will get their teeth cleaned next week and check-ups the week after that. My new pediatrician is 2 blocks away and that feels like when I open the tiny closet in my “hallway” and see my washer and dryer (it’s been 5 years and it never gets less thrilling).

I’m frantically finishing up the yearbooks for their classes.  It’s alarming how much the kids change over the course of a year.  They have their choral concert today. Phoebe’s class composed their own songs, hers is called RADIO to the RESCUE. I am pretty excited to see it performed.  Lolly is singing this song today.

The school talent show is this week, and the girls will do their hip-hop dance. Yes, it was mother/daughter hip hop, but as brave and exhibitionist as this Mama is, she is going to pass.

My friends, the creators of Namowear are selling my crochet bracelets at Hester Street Fair this Saturday.  If you are interested in purchasing one for $11 (includes s & h), please convo me through my etsy shop and I will set up a listing.

Speaking of Fairs, I really really really do NOT want to miss Renegade this year.  I am hoping it can be Pickle’s first NYC adventure, but her punctuality will definitely be a factor.

Almost done preparing for the Glass Guild Awards. I need to figure out what to give Phoebe for her prize.  I got Lolly The Secret world of Arrietty.  She likes that Japanese cartoon look…it always bothered me as a kid, I wrote it off as NOT QUALITY ENOUGH, but she will like this.

My girls are obsessed with this show on Netflix: H2O, just add water. I hope it’s an ok show…I don’t really know.  I hate sharing my netflix account because the recommendations for me are ALL over the place.

I’m trying to see a matinee of Snow White and the Huntsman this week, wish me luck.

My composer friends wish for me to participate in a reading of their opera on June 28th. We are making the final decision as to whether or not that is realistic for me to commit to, this upcoming weekend. I know.

My parents found themselves on a little thumbnail for Church Service Missionaries!  They made their own mormon video a while back and it is going to debut this summer! I am excited for them. Aren’t they just right?

I have planned our first Family of 5 road trip to Vermont in July!  Jason is going to run in the first ever Joseph Smith Marathon.  3/5 of the Posse will stay on a campground while Pickle and I stay with a friend.  I wanted the Snapdragon Inn, but darn it, it’s booked up.

The Color Run NYC sold out within 24 hours of it being released, and I am so excited to have registered the Posse!  Pickle & Jason will take pictures while the big girls and I run it! I already bought them white shorts. Go figure, white shorts aren’t for sale for women….I wonder why, it’s such a great look. Maybe I’ll opt for this instead.

And just more waiting.


8 responses to “What else is going on BESIDES waiting for Pickle

  1. Helen Knowles

    You are making me tired just reading all this stuff (and let’s not forget that The Pickle will add to your upcoming list – I think I need to go back to bed (actually I’m working from home today to try to get a spreadsheet project done without interruptions).

    • Life with 2.99 girls…..it’s a lot! Right now I am writing down all of the MIDDLE SCHOOL APPLICATION deadlines for next year!!!!!! Nursing and Grade 6 Admissions—my life next year…good times

  2. wow, I really wish I could figure out how to get a life established with so much to it… you juggle all these things and waiting so well. I hope you get to see that matinee… remember how we saw babies and the next day I went into labor. (I didn’t realize what a gift of distraction that was, thank you again!) I hope the same thing happens for you!

  3. Just had an idea. . .a jump-rope-athon with Lolly on the rooftop (in the shade)

  4. Well, i wish so much i could take you out on the town everyday for the next week. but i am still your friend! regardless, please know, i so so SO feel your pain. stay focused on happiness. the only way to go is thru and of course there is no sugar coating it. I’m glad your appoint isn’t until tuesday. those appointments just make it so much worse. especially when you have three of those appts before the baby even starts to move. and when you have people say, Oh, its your third, (or fourth) You’ll go so fast! well, thats just a bunch of bull. each baby is different and they try our patience even before they get here! hang in there. no one has ever gone a full 11 months before. well, at least no one I know….

    or how about this… remember, your due date is June 30? silly, you really aren’t due yet, so let her cook some more!

    • Actually my midwife appt. is today and I am glad about that because it’s been 10 days since I have seen her and two weeks since I have been checked. I will discuss my induction plan today (unfortunately). And I may try to exercise today too…see if I can get anything moving. Thanks for relating, oh how I know you can. I am actually in good spirits this morning. My cleaning lady is coming and I have finished most of my to-do list, so that’s a great feeling.

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